Unity 2D Game Development Company

2D game development has a vibe that cannot be paralleled by any amount of 3D graphics. This is the reason why even after so much advancement in 3D gaming, 2D gaming still remains one of the go-to games for the folks out there. So if you’re planning on creating a 2D game in the 3D world, you are good to go. However, you’ll be great to go, when you choose the best 2D Game Development Company, Innosoft for fulfilling your game development needs. Innosoft is a prominent Unity 2D Game Development Company in India. Whether you have a blueprint of your game or not, Innosoft will help you create a fine, exhilarating, and engaging 2D game, right from conceptualizing to executing and reporting. Connect with us for fetching top-notch game development services across any platform.

    Unity 2D Game Development Company

    We develop 2D games in the following genres:

    Our adrenaline-pumping adventure games put the players on the edge of their seats. With thrilling concept and moving gameplay, Innosoft’s creation in 2D game development is a metaverse of madness for the players.

    With immersive and engaging gameplay, Our puzzle games are not just exclusive to nerds. The quirky moves and mind-blowing twists of our puzzle games leave the players in awe and make them play perpetually until they solve the riddle.

    When the versatility of card games meets exceptional visuals, a classy card game is created. And when Innosoft creates Card Games, It is ought to be exceptional. Our developers bring Las Vegas Casino life to the comfort of their houses with our 2D Card games.

    Our developers are proficient at developing shooter games by creating an exhilarating first-perspective shooting experience even in 2D. With stunning visuals, gripping concepts, and thrilling controls, Shooter Games developed by Innosoft are simply astonishing.

    Why develop 2D Games with Innosoft

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    Unity 2D Game Development Services We Offer

    2D Art and Design

    Our team of excellent 2D game developers helps you choose an apt concept and appealing design for your 2D game.

    Multiplayer Games

    Our developers are skilled at creating high-quality 2D games for iOS, android, windows, and desktops at our advanced 2D game studio.

    Single-Player Games

    Single-player games still rule the market and we know that. Thus, we keep pioneering our single-player 2D game development services.

    UI/UX Graphics

    Do you have a concept but want to make your game more appealing and user-friendly? Hire our designers and upgrade your 2D game design to the next level.

    Game App Integration

    Managing multiple mobile games and mobile applications can be chaotic. Pick our game app integration services to organize your Game Apps library.

    Game App Integration

    Managing multiple mobile games and mobile applications can be chaotic. Pick our game app integration services to organize your Game Apps library.

    Why Choose Innosoft for Unity 2D Game Development Services?

    Unity 2D Game Development Services

    Experienced Team
    Our team of 2D game development experts possesses decade-long game development experience and skills. We create 2D games that sell.

    Under Promise Over Deliver 
    We don’t have to brag about our services when our results speak for themselves. With timely updates and services beyond expectations, we cover all your needs in creating a classic 2D game. 

    Ahead of the Curve
    Ahead the curve lies those who provide quality and value. Our mission in 2D game development is to provide A1 class 2D game development services to our clients.


    We provide 2D game development services in all genres. Adventure Games, Puzzle Games, Card Games, and Shooters Games, are to name a few games that we hold expertise in.

    Our team of 2d game development experts is skilled at utilizing the major gaming development platforms like Unity, Unreal Engine, Solar 2D, SpriteKit, etc.

    From ideating, and conceptualizing, to launching your 2D game, we offer end-to-end services in 2D gaming development.

    Yes, of course. We provide 2D game development services for both customizing the existing projects and developing a new project from the scratch. Our team will assist you through the tenure of your 2D game development.