2D NFT Game Development Company

Innosoft is a 2D NFT Game Development Company that provides unparalleled and top-notch 2D NFT game development services crafted with perfection. Our digital assets are created while keeping the level design in mind. Our gameplays provide supreme quality digital assets like characters, chests, weapons, tickets, upgrades, etc. These are exclusive digital assets or non-interoperable, which means that these assets could not be used in any other game.
If you are looking forward to creating an excellent NFT game then Innosoft 2D NFT Game development company is your best bet.

    2D NFT Game Development Company

    2D NFT Game Development Services

    Action and Adventure Games 
    Even in 2D gaming, Action and Adventure Games top the chart. Spiced up with NFT, it has only 2D gaming and has become more entertaining. Innosoft creates mind-blowing Action and Adventure games with top-notch digital assets. 

    Arcade Games
    2D Arcade games are still loved by kids and adults alike. With captivating digital assets and immersive gameplay, Innosoft develops the most entertaining 2D Arcade games. 

    PvP Battle games
    The PvP battle games are not just for 3D, 2D PvP battle games hit different. The NFT assets like exclusive weapons and characters make 2D PvP Battle games thrilling. 

    Casino Games
    Casino games topped up with rewarding NFTs create a mind-boggling gameplay experience. Innosoft excels at creating excellent 2D NFT casino games.  

    Board Games
    A strategy-driven board game coupled with NFTs creates a rewarding 2D Board game. Build amazing 2D NFT Board games with Innosoft. 

    Racing & Sports Games
    2D racing sports game has that nostalgic feeling that still entices 90s kids. We create thrilling 2D NFT Racing and Sports games with compelling graphics and propelling gameplay.

    Why build applications on Innosoft group

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    NFT 2D Game Development Advantages

    Highly Demanded

    The irreversible ownership of NFT products has increased the demand for NFT games. It provides the developers with the opportunity of earning more by creating unique digital assets.

    More Reach

    The tech-savvy individuals of today are eagerly looking for investing in value NFT games and their assets. So, game development isn’t a market for only gamers but also investors.

    App Store Earnings

    With a quality NFT game, one can leverage platforms like the app store for earning money. After a specific number of downloads, these platforms pay the game developers and owners, and with more downloads the income increases.


    2D Games are cost-effective since they could be created at a cheaper cost as compared to other games.

    Lesser Competition

    Even though 3D Games are gaining popularity, 2D games still attract a lot of crowds. This makes 2D games a lucrative field since the competition from mainstream publishers is less here.

    East to Build Model

    The monetization model of 2D Games is easy to build, which makes the whole process a lot faster.

    Why choose Innosoft Group for 2D NFT Game Development Services?

    2D NFT Game Development Services

    Innosoft Group is an alliance of thoughtful leaders, partners, and experts that holds expertise in NFTs and Game Development. Our team works rigorously to provide the best game development solutions. With their knowledge, skills, and experience, they thrive to provide high-end solutions for your business needs. Your business is our priority. We deep dive into your requirements and offer customization services that suit your business principles and concepts. We provide quality and timely services to give our clients maximum satisfaction with game development projects. Our customer support team is always on the edge of their seats to solve your queries. We offer a complete range of 2D/3D/2D NFT/3D NFT and more game development services under a budget-friendly structure.


    The NFT factor in video games attracts investments. There could be NFTs or digital assets in a game such as weapons, characters, or any other game objects that could be traded in the NFT market.

    Our team of 2D Game development experts is proficient at utilizing Unity 2D, Cocos2D, XNA Framework, and more.

    Yes. 2D games are less complex than 3D Games. It takes less time, money, and resources to build a 2D Game. 2D Games are appropriate for beginner-level game developers.

    Yes. We offer customization services for the existing 2D Game development projects. Our team of skilled and experienced developers and NFT experts can also assist you in creating a top-notch 2D NFT Game from scratch.